Princess Jasmine Does it Again

Guess what trend I am majorly into right now …

Did you get it? OK, I will give you three hints (and some background information that will give you insight to my new love):

  1. I have played basketball 23 years out of my 28 years of life (which means I spent a lot of time in sweatpants to and from the court)
  2. Pajama pants are something I value among all things
  3. Anything I can wear with any kind of footwear—flats, sneakers, wedges, booties—does the trick
  4. I need versatile pieces I can wear to work, out for drinks, and to fall asleep in
  5. If I wanted to do yoga in these I could and would (and might today)

Drum roll please … harem pants! Specifically, the athletic looking ones (in cotton or jersey), not the satin really sagging crotch ones (they don’t really work on my body). In fact, I bought two pairs yesterday and I am wearing one of them as I sit here at my desk. Can I just say, I’ve never been more comfortable in the work place and I am wearing five inch wedges to accompany these bad boys.

Here are the two I bought:


Both from H&M

And here is some inspiration on how I plan to wear them:

harem party

Have you tried the trend?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Comes a Knocking

We are officially home owners, moved in, and no longer on a spending hiatus. And you know what that means: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here I come. Nordstrom online is amazing. Free shipping. Free returns. Great sales. And this is their sale of all sales.

While I realize it is nearly 100 degrees today, I was really digging some fall type items. Here are some lovelies I’ve spotted, let the lusting begin. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Business Carding

I want to make business cards for my blog. I feel like I’ve been meeting so many interesting people around town these days, and I want to share my little creative space that I have over here with these folks.

Graphic design is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I do occasionally dabble in it (in the most novice way possible), but nevertheless I truly love it and find the entire process incredibly rewarding. I love the journey of visualizing a concept and bringing it to life with color, text, imagery, and having a final product that delivers a thoughtful message.

Any who ,in order to spark some inspiration, I took to Pinterest (obviously) and picked some images that I was immediately drawn to. From here, I will begin to figure out why I like these images and see if I can come up with a concept, message, and image that will express the heart of Love’s the Journey. Wish me luck.


1 & 2graphic 4

1 & 2 & 3grahic2

1 & 2graphic 1

1 & 2

I’ll share the final product when complete.

Choose Our New Comforter

It’s been a long time coming, but we officially close tomorrow and holy cow almighty we are excited! We’ve saved our butts off, we’ve been diligent about our budget, and we are going to come out of this thing on top. And guess what the means?!


Honestly, we don’t need much, but I’d love to do a few upgrades. One being our comforter. Currently we have an uninspired Ikea red and white stripped duvet, which has been wonderful, but I think buying it for $30 and using it for three years has served it’s purpose. So what about you guys help me choose my next one? Here are a few I am considering, vote which you like best, and if you have other suggestions send them my way too.

comfort me

  1.  $119.97 Vintage Lace Duvet
  2. $318 Ananda Duvet
  3. $368 Safia Embroidered Duvet
  4. $99 Magical Paisley Medallion Duvet Cover
  5. $99 Simply Shabby Chic Pieced Lace Mesh Duvet Set

*Note while Jed was editing this post he astutely noted, “I don’t have to spend all our savings right away.” Astute my friend astute.

What I haven’t been buying around town

I am happy and most proud to say, that I have kicked my budget’s butt for the last month. If you remember, I was cutting out some major expenses in order to save for our house purchasing and boy did I. I haven’t bought one signal item of clothing since May 18th when I bought the dress for this wedding. Are you applauding for me right now? For reals, y’all this is an accomplishment of a lifetime. Let’s remember how I work at a coupon site and am literally exposed to every sale that is happening on the planet at all time. That is a lot of temptation that I have abstained from.

The only thing I failed on was my vow to cut out booze. I mean I did 12 days–that counts. But who are we kidding? It’s summer, I have a passport, my best friend is here for the summer, and there was not a chance in hell that I was going to not partake in patio sipping. It’s the little victories.

So how have I refrained from shopping? I’ve simply online window shopped. Yep, II still check out the bomb sales at my favorite stores, and rather than placing items in my shopping cart, I have been pinning things I would LOVE to get. And perhaps when the time is right I can go back and purchase. Here’s what I haven’t been buying these days…


Summer Top, Darling Magazine, Dress, Canvas, Necklace

What are your whats?

Do you ever have days when your mind is just flooded with day dreams and ideas and possibilities and opportunities and hope? As I sat in a meeting today, my imagination went on a journey. I thought about my life as a whole and what I wanted to get out of it. From writing and exploring to creating and traveling. I opened up a blank word doc and did a stream of consciousness of things I want to accomplish, what I want be, what I value, and any and every dream I have.

I wrote down the all of the whats I wanted out of life.

And my next step will be coming up with the hows. The how to acquire the freedom that I want. The how to travel to Paris for a few months at a time. The how to be creative every day. The how to make those dreams come true.

What are your whats?



Native Eyewear Sunglasses Yay Yay


When Native Eyewear reached out to me about trying out some of their shades, I flipped with excitement. For someone who only looks good in aviators, I was pumped that they had an awesome pair for me to test drive (the Haskills). And, as someone who has always bought cheapo sunglasses, getting a pair of legit sunnies has officially changed my life.

These babies are like looking through heaven’s lens. Seriously, they have polarized lenses!!! As a quick google search taught me, polarized lenses “cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.” And it’s true.

And the best thing about my new sunglasses is that they look super cute and go with everything AND they are super durable so I can wear them when I’m out being an active Coloradian. Totally multifunctional, from the paddle ball court to happy hour roof deck.

long shotflowers


Dress: H&M (similar), Scarf headband: Thrifted, Sandals: Target (similar here and here), Purse: Coach (garage sale)

Thanks so much Native Eyewear for opening up my eyes (pun intended) to first rate eye-wear.

Happy Birthday America!

Industrial Loft Living Here We Come

So I’ve stunk as a blogger the past two weeks, but I’ve been good as a person in the meantime if that counts.

With work really ramping up at ShopAtHome, four Good Ol’-Fashioned Party weddings last weekend, and Jed and I actually being adults and buying a home—yep, for reals—life’s been crazy. Absolutely crazy beautiful!

We have a downtown loft in our immediate future, and tonight, as I begin to pack up three years of our lovely 1929 apartment, I have a tug of nostalgia on my heart for the memories we’ve created here and the life we built together, but a flutter of excitement for our new adventure in our dream neighborhood in the heart of RiNo. (Non-Denverites, this is a must to visit—with breweries, fab restaurants, and an urban rawness totally hip with it).

One of the most exciting things about moving is redecorating and creating a space entirely from scratch. We don’t need a ton of new stuff, but we do need to come up with some unique storage solutions, upgrade some of our Craigslist items, and make this loft our home. Here are some things I plan on doing:


Industrial Loft Style

Inspiration: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Getting Midi With It

I am so excited about today’s post because I get to share with you this absolutely lovely midi skirt that the gracious gifted me. As you guys know, I love discovering new online boutiques, and browsing eShakti did not disappoint. This site customizes each piece they have, providing a perfectly tailored, true-fitting garment. And hey, it is AFFORDABLE! From dainty dresses and skirts to tops and jackets, this will definitely become a site that I shop from.

I’ve been obsessed with the midi trend because I love how girly and classic it is, so when I received this beaut in the mail I knew we’d become besties (the skirt and me, that is). I have already worn this skirt multiple times and couldn’t love it more!

skirt 1


skirt 4

skirt 5Skirt:, Top: Old (similar and similar), Shoes: DSW, Bag: ALDO, Belt: Vintage


Tools of the Trade

It is hard to dress as a wedding planner on the day of the wedding. With heavy lifting of various furniture, coordinating dozens of moving parts, maintaining the timeline and being available for vendors to get a hold of us, setting up details, AND on top of it all keeping some semblance of professionalism along with wedding cuteness, there is a lot to consider. My mother and I have found that in order for us to get our jobs done right, we are in need of two unlikely things:

1. Adorable, durable sneakers

Sneakers are a must because we do so much running around—we need to be mobile. Several of our events are outside and sandals don’t do the trick because nature pricks our feet.

2. A fashionable fanny (pack that is)

Holding a phone, various papers, a to-do list, band-aids, lipstick, and things we need on us is impossible without a fanny. It leaves us hands free and gives us the accessibility to do all our running around.

This weekend we are going to go on a hunt for these two things (these are work expenses), so I did a little preliminary research to see what’s out there. Here’s what I found:
toolsFannys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Sneaks: 1, 2, 3, 4