An Ode to Danielle

Doesn’t every one wish they had a mechanic, doctor, and hairstylist in their family? Well, too bad for my car and my health, but good for my hair, I’m lucky enough to have a cousin who is one kick-butt hairstylist. Though I get my hair done about as often as I get my oil changed (both are embarrassingly infrequent), every appointment with Danielle is great. She’s been with me through the years—seriously, even when I was away for college and lived all over the country after school, I would always see Danielle as a part of my homecoming.

So when I texted her last week a picture of a new ‘do I was considering, I was pumped when she took the challenge. I wanted to go PINK! It has taken me since college to build up the courage to really do it.

And do it I did. See:

journey of hair

September 18th, 2014, marks the most selifes I’ve ever taken in one day! But, when you see magic being performed it must be documented—right David Blaine?

Check out my new look!finalMoral of the story, if you are in Denver and want to get your hair did, call 3rd Avenue Studio, ask for Danielle.

Glitz, Glam, Gatsby: A Good Ol’-Fashioned Love Story

As the summer winds down and our crazy wedding season comes to a close, I can’t help but reminisce about all the amazing people we got to work with this summer.

Remember that post about the Gatsby wedding we were prepping for? Well check out these stunning pictures of the fabulous wedding. Mandy and Nate were the epitome of glitz and glam, and they threw a roaring Roaring Twenties shindig.

001 016 three 005003coupleblog2


What’s for Dinner?

It’s my turn to cook tonight, which means I’m picking something from one of these two cookbooks: Daniel Galmiche’s French Brasserie Cookbook or Stephane Reynaud’s French Feasts. Both were Christmas presents from Kelly, and neither has ever produced a bad meal.

This one, Poulet de Grandmere (Grandma’s Chicken) was from French Feasts, and it was unreal.

This one, Porc avec Sauce Vierge (Pork with Vierge Sauce) was from French Brasserie Cookbook, and it was also unreal.


I’ve gotten really into cooking over the past few years, probably mostly because I love eating. But I also love the process, all the little things that go into making something to eat. And, since every meal in Paris was the best meal of my life, I love cooking French food. Don’t believe me that French food is so good? Watch me eat this chocolate mousse from Le Comptoir du Relais. YouTube Preview Image I figure if I only cook French-style food for the next thirty years, I’ll probably get pretty good at it. Plus, though it’l never taste as good as our honeymoon in Paris, every once in awhile there’s a taste that sparks a memory of something we ate in Montmartre, like Proust’s petite madeleine. That’s what I’m going for. Tonight I think we’ll have crepes, jambon et fromage (ham and cheese), or maybe duxelles (mushroom mixture). Let me know if you want to come over, I’ll cook extra. What’s for dinner for you?

Spinning with Gratitude

What a fabulous week I had with Rustic Thread. Playing around in the store, pulling from their amazing selection, it was a perfect way for me to spend a Saturday morning–and I hope you each can do the same this weekend!

Check out my final look: This dress is such a great LDB, the drop-waist fit and textured velvet adds such intrigue to the look. Perfect for dressing up with tights and pumps or keeping it casual with booties and funky jewelry.

Enjoy your weekend LOVAHHHS!

spin black dress sunglow

Never Too Old for Back Alley Shenanigans

When I was a preteen, my girlfriends and I would go to the mall, go into a few stores, and pick out the most outrageous outfits we could possibility find. Then we’d head to the dressing room, try on our ridiculous clothes, get out our disposable cameras, and snap, snap, snap. T

I did this at Rustic Thread with Marissa last week, but rather than ridiculous outfits we put together oh-so-cool looks to shoot oh-so-cool pics.

Here’s to never getting too old for childhood games…

mk4  mk1mk5mk2mk3

My Very Own Barbie Marrisa


I wasn’t much of a Barbie doll little girl—actually my parents recently found a Barbie that had been buried out in the garden years ago (oops). That was pretty much the extent of my playing with dolls. It wasn’t until a few  days ago at Rustic Thread until I fully understood how fun it is to play Barbies, and in this case Barbie was played by my friend Marissa.

It was fun putting together outfits that complemented Marissa’s personality, pulling outfits that I knew she would like and things that got her out of her comfort zone a little. One of the most exciting things I’ve found about developing a personal style is knowing how to help others uncover their own.

Marissa and I have been shopping a ton of times together, and each time Marissa looks to expand her personal style. Marissa comes from a closet of basics, meaning she has all the things you’re supposed to have—great fitting jeans, black slacks, LOFT sweaters, a classic blazer—and all things perfectly business casual. So each time we head out, we are usually looking for something to give a little pizzazz to her practical closet. And Rustic Thread is perfect for pizzazz!

Check out one edgy, cas look we put together for her.


marrisa3 marissa1 marrisa2




Dressing Up with Rustic Thread


There are few things I like more than playing dress up. Jed will attest to this. Whether that means on a shopping excursion or in my own closet, playing dress up is my form of artistic expression. I’ve never been good at composing music or drawing, so rather than sitting down to paint a watercolor, I go into my closet (or if I am lucky to one of the cutest store’s in Denver) and put together outfits that reflect an emotion, a feeling, a sensibility, like art and music conveys.

My dress up adventure this week involved me visiting Rustic Thread, one of the best boutiques in Denver (Highlands to be exact) and creating a few masterpieces from their bohemian wonder of a wardrobe. I know when you hear boutique you hear dollar signs, but the great thing about Rustic Thread is that it’s affordable and oh-so-stylish, allowing any woman to find the perfect piece to complement her wardrobe.

Here’s what I put together:

Because this past Saturday morning was our first really fall-like day, I was drawn to this amazing over-sized Free People sweater which I paired with my own skinny jeans and my favorite black shinny oxfords. I decided to add a long gem necklace to add some interest and texture to the masculine look. To top it off, literally, I had to don this absolutely beautiful maroon turban with the flower applique. Not only is the color to die for, the vintage feel of the cap is so me!

I am a totally sucker for hats, so needless to say I walked out of the store with this beauty and plan to “head” back there as soon as snow starts falling and add a few more to my collection.

hat3 hat2 hat4 

More dress up to come, this time with a friend :)

Fit Nerd


Here’s my high school senior picture, courtesy of Chris Polito (happy birthday Chris!), who keeps it in his wallet at all times because I was just so cute! I was 5’10″, 168 pounds, which I know because I tried to get listed as 6’4″, 230 pounds on our varsity basketball program but Coach Sheehan wouldn’t let me. No sense of humor, that guy.


Here’s me sometime pre-wedding in 2013. I hadn’t weighed myself in years, and had recently listed myself on my new CO driver’s license as 5’10″, 175 pounds, figuring I had put on a couple of pounds since graduating from DHS in 2002. Right around the time of this picture I weighed myself at 203 pounds. Much closer to my fake basketball program weight, and not at all a good thing.

super strong

Here I am a week or so ago, back at my driver’s license weight of 175. Part of it is losing most of my hair since that high school senior picture, probably 10–12 pounds worth, but the other part is working out with my new favorite fitness website, Nerd Fitness.

The Nerd Fitness Academy appeals to the kid (and adult) in me who plays video games like Final Fantasy VII, completing quests and leveling up to take on even bigger challenges. Nerd Fitness sets up challenges for me, like deadlift my bodyweight, bike a 10k, and do 50 pullups, then tracks my progress and gives me points for completing them.

Yesterday I ran a mile in 6:34. I didn’t know I could do that. And, I got 50 make-believe points for doing it under 7 minutes, which, weirdly enough, is totally worth it.

I’ve never done a handstand, mostly because I’m afraid of being upside down and afraid of being clumsy and falling into a table and breaking my leg then snapping my neck, but I’ve been practicing against the wall for the past week and am getting better. My goal is to do a 30 second free handstand on my 30th birthday in a few weeks. I’ll get 250 make-believe points, but the results will be real.

Now if only there was a website to get my hairline from 2002 back …

Business Two

dress 3This blogging about your hopes and dreams has been a blast! So, Kabbage and friends, here is my final post of the week, exposing my entrepreneurial idea that I couldn’t be more excited about…

With Denver being a hub of such creative businesses and people doing incredible things, I want to use my marketing expertise to help these amazing people grow their businesses. In the near future I have aspirations of starting my own marketing/branding/PR boutique consulting firm. I want to work with people who are creating their own business around their passion but need help developing a marketing concept, strategy, and implementation road map, or with any other hands-on work.

In my current job I am immersed in the blogger world and have learned the ins and outs of how this group of influencers work: what they like, how much they cost, what they will do for free, and how they communicate. I also have eight years of experience in the marketing world, starting at a Los Angeles R&B label producing grassroots campaigns, moving to working in a major New York City PR firm with big name brands like Frito and Absolut, and learning as a right-hand woman for a solo-entrepreneur whose main business objective was connecting with other entrepreneurs in various platforms.

So with that, I’m ready to meet Denver makers, creators, tinkers, business owners looking to make a bang with their marketing efforts

Know any businesses or entrepreneurs who need help with reaching their marketing objectives? Building strategic partnerships? Finding brand ambassadors? Conceptualizing and fulfilling event marketing plans? What about building their social media presence? Or blog contributions?

If so, have them hit me up :)

dress updress2dress 4Shoes: DSW, Dress: H&M, Belt: Vintage (from my Grandma), Sunnies: DVF