Bare Legs and Booties


Sweater: H&M (similar here and here), Booties: DSW,Skirt: F21, Hat: TJ Maxx (similar here and here), Necklace: Falling Whistles, Purse: Vintage (and AMAZING)

This has been one of the most spectacular Falls that I can ever recall. Bare legs and booties have never ventured this deep into October. Eating al fresco this often at this time of year are for places like LA, not Denver. But this year we have it all: we have the changing of the beautiful leaves and the opportunity to drink cider outside and listen to bluegrass deep into the night. To wear hats of any kind because they match the weather, to wear a sweater but not a coat, to wear deep shades of lipstick on brisk mornings.

I know we don’t have many of these days left, but oh how I will treasure each minute of each day we do.

PS Did you notice I replicated this outfit I’d been lusting over?

fall2fall3 fall4



What a birthday! Technically my birthday was yesterday, but for the past four days straight I have been surrounded by the most thoughtful, loving, supportive, wonderful people in the entire world, and for that, I am so eternally grateful. From cocktail crawls with friends, Denver brunch with my club, outdoor dinning with family, and a nostalgic Parisian dinner with Jed, 29 started off as a year of love…and riddles that lead me to dresses. Yes, Jed gave me a riddle to solve to obtain my present and after hours of humiliating guesses, I finally figured out that Jed was adding to my 50 Dresses collection.

Tess, the brilliant designer of her collection, hand-delivered my present and I have already worn it twice. Including today. Take a look at this fun little number. 3 (1, 2) down, 47 more to go…

bday againbirthday4  birthday birthday2

Dress: 50Dresses, Booties: DSW, Hat: F21, Purse: Vintage

Pick My Outfit (PLEASE!!)

There are few things I like more than dressing up. And dressing up for a special occasion-forgetaboutit! Tonight I start my birthday celebrations, where I plan to meet a group of friends at my favorite cocktail bar and according to my husband’s invitation that he put together “from there we will wander to various establishments in the area at no fixed schedule.”

I have been searching my mind about what I want to wear tonight and like my closet, I am all over the place. Here are a few looks I am considering, what is your favorite? What do I wear?!! Please vote in comments :)


1, 2, 3

PS I’m clearly obsessed with everything Brook from The Girls With Glasses is wearing these days.


Manly Monday – Construction


Yesterday I installed a kegerator in my brother-in-law’s newly upgraded backyard. It was awesome. Having draft beer on your own patio is a moment when you can say, “Yea, I’m pretty much basically a badass.”

You should see John’s upgraded backyard (and if you’re in Denver, I’m sure he’ll be happy to have you over and pour you a pint). He crafted a patio with a built-in grill and wine fridge, a fire pit, a waterfall with koi pond, a shed, a purgola, and the aforementioned kegerator. It’s amazing.

Want to know the best part of the backyard to me? The way that John let me help. I don’t know anything about drilling through sandstone, installing a tap handle, hooking up a CO2 cannister, and getting a kegerator to function, but when we went to the hardware store together John treated me like a partner in the project (even though he did 99% of the work). From consulting me on drill bits, letting me handle the wrench, and tinkering with the PSI, John made me feel like I contributed and, more importantly, like I learned something.

You don’t become a man without other men to show you the way, and today is a manlier Monday than last because of John. Cheers.

My Very Own Fairy God Mother (In-Law)

mary dress

You know in Cinderella when the mice and birds construct a beautiful gown for the sobbing Cindarelly? Well I have my very own fairy god-mother and my very own dress! Actually she is my mother-in-law, and with a wave of her wand, plus her impeccable sewing technique, Mary put together this one-of-a-kind dress for me.

Jed had been telling me for years to think of a dress I wanted made, and I finally I took him up on having Mary work her magic. When she was in town a couple of months ago I was late to our fabric meeting, but because good taste runs in the family, my husband had already picked out this fabulous material. The stripped purple taffeta and bright interior fuchsia created the perfect fall pallet for my vintage inspired design.The attention to detail was evident in the fit, surprise pockets, design, and construction. Mary’s work exceeded all my expectations and she really made me a dream dress that I will treasure forever.

If you are interested in creating a work of art like this, I insist you send me an email ( and I will connect you with her. All it took was me sending her a design that I wanted to try out, me (or my husband) deciding on fabric, taking measurements, and viola. Seriously, it’s so fun to have a one-of-a-kind dress, so please get in touch with me to have your very own Cinderella moment. mary 3 mary 4mary 2

Play the Closet Game Challenge (and win!!)

A couple of months ago, I was in a rut when looking in my closet to pick out my clothes for work. I, like most girls, would throw half my closet on the bed, scream out in agony, and declare, “I have nothing to wear!” I would mount the pile of reject clothes and, being the semi-dramatic girl that I am, curl up on top of the heap of fabric to sob before finally giving up and putting on the same-go-to’s I always wore.

As a creative soul, this lack of ingenuity tortured me. Every time I wore an uninspired outfit, my mood suffered. Until one Tuesday evening, my husband and I figured out a cure.

Jed was sitting on the couch watching sports and I wanted to play dress up in my closet—not an unusual Tuesday for us.

“Babe,” I said. “Let’s play a game.” He looked at me with eyes that said, “Only if I can play this game from the couch.”

“No, I think you will actually like this,” I said. “It’s a game that will allow you to stay exactly where you are, and all you have to do is say any three words.”

“What kind of words?” he asked.

“Any words.”

“And then what?” he asked.

“And then I will take your three words and form three outfits that embody those words, and then I will have my clothes picked out for the rest of the week.”

“OK,” he said hesitantly, interested in the challenge but more interested to get back to his bball. “Let’s go with Miami, housewife, and French.”

I stood there intrigued for a couple of moments, making my best thinking face. And then, like that, I was filled with inspiration. I gave my darling a kiss and headed straight to my closet.

After a couple of minutes of mixing this and that, belting, layering, and accessorizing, I had put together three outfits that I had never worn, let alone imagined, in my life.

Ever since the invention of that glorious game, dressing for work has been a wonderful adventure!

Ready for a challenge, here are three words for you to play with. Share your looks with me by tagging your outfit photos with my Instagram handle or with me on my Facebook page. Most creative wins a featured look and interview on my blog!! Enter as many times as you’d like! Winners chosen on my birthday 10/27 :)

  • Adventurer
  • Superhero
  • Hitchcock

Here are some inspirational images to get you going!

Adventure1, 2, 3Picture11, 2, 3hitchcock clothes

1, 2,


I got myself a birthday present last week, just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.


I felt like my own watch is a good, solid thing to have now that I’m in my 30′s. I’ve been a fan of Huckberry the online store for awhile because of their excellent email marketing, but this was my first purchase on the site. and it’s extra meaningful to me because my dad’s nickname was Huck.

My cell phone was out of batteries all day Saturday, and it was great. Hopefully this watch can be a little bit of a reminder that screens aren’t as important as they seem.

And, since I sound like someone who walked to school uphill both ways, here are some quotes from one of the greatest haters of technology of all time, Ron Swanson. 

A Paris Guide for Emily (and others)

photo 1 (1)By no means am I a Paris expert, but I am a Paris lovahhh. When Jed and I were preparing for our Parisian honeymoon, we did some major research into what amazingness we should discover. Because our goal was to truly LIVE, EAT, and EXPLORE Paris (and not necessarily tour it), our research consisted of talking to expat Americans who had lived in Paris for years, and chatting it up with Patrick DuPays, chef at our favorite Denver restaurant, Z Cuisine & A Côté.

What these people shared was gold—pure baguette gold. We followed their incredible advice and combined it with some of our own to create our recommendations for a visit to Paris:

Stay in a neighborhood using Airbnb or VRBO.rue

  • Not only are these housing options way more economical, they instantly put you in a neighborhood where you can take in Paris on an intimate level.
  • Both of our sources highly recommended staying in the 5th arrondissement, near Rue Mouffetard, a street that epitomizes life in Paris: bread, cheese, wine, delight. This place is a must for people looking to wander and take in the Parisian lifestyle. Seriously, our first apartment was a 4th floor walk-up where every morning around 4 am we were awakened by the smell of bread from the bakery below. Not a bad thing.
  • Because we were lucky enough to go for two full weeks, we spent our second week in the idyllic Montmartre (in the 18th arrondissement). This place is where dreamers flock. Picaso, van Gogh, Dali, the fictional character Amelie and Moulin Rouge. I can’t recommend this place enough. Stroll, shop, smell, and enjoy every single cobblestone step.

Eat like a god a 2

  • Lunch is cheaper than dinner (wayyy cheaper). You can go to the best restaurants in the entire world, get three courses, drink carafes of wine, and spend a nice two hours licking your plates, people watching, and being perfectly content. This lets you taste Paris, test out your awful French, and enjoy every second.
  • Buy bread and cheese for an after lunch snack back at your room. Let’s you regroup before a night on the town, wherever that may be, and puts you in a good place to get a late night snack once the dinner rush is over.

Our best meals/drinks

  • Le Comptoir du Relais—Patrick’s pick. It is reserved months in advance for dinner. We had one of the best lunches of our lives.
  • Grande Mosque—Sit and have a mint tea in an idyllic arabesque garden. It’s totally interesting, and totally cool.
  • L’Angolo 42—Italian. Sound weird? France is closer to Italy than the US.
  • Le Pantruche—Awesome.

Museums for non-museum folk

  • Because we didn’t want to be totally uncultured (in the museum sense), we did check out Les Arts Décoratif, the decorative arts museum. It was cool, but unless you are a die hard designer, interior designer, or collector of knick knacks, it may not be your thing. (AKA don’t bring your husband if he doesn’t like HGTV as much as you do.)
  • The Musée de l’Orangerie is probably thefavorite museum I’ve ever been to in all of my travels. It takes no longer than an hour to explore and is breathtaking, historic, and awe-inspiring. Two rooms, eight wall-sized paintings by Monet, and benches from which to admire the amazingness.


YouTube Preview Image
  • We were told to try and walk across every bridge over the Seine, and boy did we try. This is the best way to see this beautiful city. We heard so many different types of live music along our walks and it seriously is so romantic to walk and in hand around the city of lights. One of the best bridges is the Pont Neuf with its hundreds of locks clipped to the railings.
  • You never know what you’ll find by exploring the city. Pick a main site like Notre Dame or Place des Vosges, walk there, and walk around there. You’ll probably find a site or a meal even more memorable than where you headed in the first place. You might even buy an awesome hat!
  • Make sure to check out the Jardins de Luexemburg, pack a baguette and a bottle of

Get jazzy with it.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Paris is known for their sexy jazz clubs, and we had a lovely evening at Le Petit Journal. It was intimate, cozy, and perfect.

Hope that helps Em :)