Power Gold


After three days deep within the mountains pretty much roughing it (a.k.a., no makeup, muddy hikes, and five layers on both the top and bottom), when I headed off to work yesterday I was ready to start the week with some glam. I needed a great lipstick, some sparkle, a classic pencil skirt, and a kitten heel to get me focused and ready for the crazy-busy day ahead.

And this outfit got me through a jammed pack day with utter ease and sophistication. From my 9 hour work day at my job to a Good Ol’-Fashioned Party client meeting directly following, then finally a night cap at our new favorite brewery (plus some food truck domination), this outfit reflected the powerful career butt kicking day that I had.

When in need of a power outfit, gold is always a good choice!


Shirt: Gifted by my lovely friend Abby (similar here), Skirt: Old Banana Republic (similar here), Shoes: Ruche.com (similar here, here, and here), Bag: Old Target (similar here), Belt: Vintage, Sunglasses: gifted Diane Von Furstenberg, Lipstick: My Favorite Kat Von D (color Bachelorette)






Manly Monday: A Tribute to a Real Man


Today’s post is dedicated to a man’s man if there ever was one: Ron Hogan, Kelly’s grandfather.

This past weekend we went to Trapper’s Lake in the Colorado wilderness to spread Ron’s ashes at one of his favorite places. It was a fitting tribute to a great man, and I had a very special experience fishing at one of his go-to spots.

Spending time with Ron and Lorraine Hogan has been one of the great joys that Kelly and I have had since moving to Colorado. They certainly love Kelly, but the way they embraced me was exceptional. I still remember the feeling when Ron gave me a pocket knife one Christmas. To me, it was so much more than just a knife; it was a small sign that I was fit to marry his granddaughter. He was a man of few words whose gestures, like that one, spoke volumes.

In honor of Ron, here are some of the great lessons I learned in our time together that we should remember on Manly Monday:

Tough it out. Before there was Ronnie Lott, there was Ronnie Hogan, who lost part of his pinky finger in a fence climbing incident. No big deal. Rub some dirt on it, get back out there. He was much the same during his cancer treatment. It must have been hell, but he barely let you notice. I hurt my shin the other day and Kelly has heard way too much about it. Gotta work on this lesson.

Eat and drink the finer things. One time Kelly and I were talking about how to make Sangria out of bad wine by adding Sprite to it. Ron said, “I wouldn’t put Sprite in my boot.” Point taken.

Learn to do it yourself. Another Christmas I bought Kelly a lamp that she wanted, with antique books as the base and a cool, retro lightbulb. Actually, I bought her books and a lamp and a lightbulb, and I went to Ron’s house. He and Kelly’s brother John (another great man) drilled holes, cut wires, and constructed the lamp in about a half hour as I watched.

Drive a Cadillac. Ron drove a Cadillac. My dad drove a Cadillac. Right now I’ve got a Ford Focus, but someday that baby will be a Cadillac.

Thank you, Ron, for the lessons, and for the two trout on Sunday.


Inspired with Love

I am having one of the most inspired weeks. I’ve been meeting the most fantastic people around town, making new connections, doing really fun projects, surrounding myself with luscious creativity, and loving every second of it. In hopes of giving you a slice of my zeal, check out these truly beautiful photos, taken by my new friend Hannah Pobar, an absolute doll and stud of a photographer, of a wedding Good Ol’-Fashioned Party did a couple of weeks ago.

What’s more inspiring than two people in love?



t3   t2gt4



The Prepster

When my friend Marissa came to me asking for help putting together a preppy outfit for a fancy dinner where she will be meeting her boyfriend’s parents, I giggled. “Yikes you can’t use my closet for help—I haven’t been preppy since my school uniform days.” But, because I love Marissa and a challenge, I got to work. And when I found out that she will be going here, I had to get serious.

First, research. Here is what preppy looks like:

the prepster

Learnings from research:

  • Layering pieces seems to be popular in this style.
  • Classic prints, pieces, material, and jewelry are musts.
  • Find a balance between feminine girly pieces (pumps, pearls, patterns) and masculine touches (oxfords, tweed, blazer, leather) to make the outfit more interesting.
  • Simple is better.

Now to shop. Check back soon for an update on what we decide on.

Not Wedding Here We Come

not1Good Ol-Fashioned Party is in full swing for us right now with several end-of-summer-weddings and a totally cool upcoming event we are participating in. We are going to be a part of the first annual Not Wedding Event here in Denver. Unlike, the stale, cheesy bridal shows most of us have attended, this event actually throws a wedding (and we all know how fun weddings are!) Complete with a fake couple and really awesome vendors around town. We are thrilled to be one of the vendors to get to show off our jazz with local couples.

With a general theme of “soft pastels” given to us we plan to create something absolutely inspired. Here’s what we have in mind: not2 not3 not4images courtesy of Pinterest


Manly Monday: The Cary Grant Suit

This is my wedding suit. It was made for me (thanks Dave!)
The first time Kelly and I ever met, she impressed me with her love of film, especially Alfred Hitchcock. Her favorite movie, she said, was North by Northwest. Since it was not Braveheart or Rocky IV, I had never seen the classic thriller, but I immediately went out that week and bought it from Newbury Comics (how I miss you, sweet Newbury Comics!).
The movie was great, and I made sure to have two talking points ready for the next time I met Kelly. 1) The scene on the train:

When it came time to get married, I found this website and had a suit made to match Cary’s classic . I bought a similar grey tie and grey socks at Nordstrom Rack and oxblood leather shoes at DSW. It was probably the most I had ever cared about fashion in my life, and will probably be the best I’ve ever looked.


So, on the day we got married, I got to have a little bit of our first date and Kelly’s favorite movie at the same time. If we ever renew our vows, though, she better let me dress like William Wallace.

Things that I am Really Really Diggin’

When Jed sent me this article today about Becky Hammon getting hired by Gregg Popovich as his assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, I was seriously overcome with joy. As I kid, I grew up watching Becky play basketball up at CSU. Being a short point guard myself, I remember looking up to her with such awe. Even though I was young, I recognized her poise and leadership. It made me want to possess that inner strength one day.

Now, as a grown woman reading this article, I experienced that same feeling of admiration, and my heart beams with pride for her. So often, women in sports are underestimated, underutilized, and underppreciated. Today a shift has been made. This is a huge step for mankind, I truly believe it.

To continue my ladies-rule post, I started reading Tiny Fey’s Bossy Pants on my way to work today. Two things are cool about this: one, I light-railed to work, an absolute joy; and two, Tiny Fey rocks my pants off.

tina all

And finally, on a personal fashion note, this past week I have been rocking my RocksBox jewelry every day all day. For real, literally all three pieces I received, I’ve worn every day with every outfit. If you haven’t heard of RocksBox, it acts as your personalized jewelry stylist, allowing you to experiment with different kinds of jewelry and discover new designers without spending an arm and a leg.


Here is how it works:
  • You take a style survey, picking out your favorite types of jewelry (think, do you were costume statement pieces, delicate pieces, or a mix?)
  • You fill out the details of what kind of pieces you wear: necklaces, rings, earings, etc.
  • Then the fun part: a stylist vets your profile and sends you three pieces of designer jewelry (averaging $200 per set) that fit your preferences, and you get to date them (the jewelry, not the stylist)
  • You wear the jewelry around town for a month and try it in different outfits and settings.
  • Here is where it is so unique: you can either decide to buy them and as a member receive 20% off OR you send them back and get a whole new box
  • You don’t pay shipping—it’s free both ways

RocksBox was kind enough to let me experience a couple of months free with the service and is offering my readers a free month if they sign up today, too. If you decide you like it, it’s only $19 a month to rent as much designer jewelry as you’d like.

Again, peeps, if you sign up here, you can try it free for a month. FREE, PEOPLE. Designer jewelry, free, one month. Do the right thing.

How to Save 85% on Designer Jeans


The jeans in this picture are from Adriano Goldschmeid, and they’re mine. (The car, unfortunately, isn’t.) Actually, to be more accurate, they’re made by Adriano Goldschmeid, but they’re from a couple of places where they cost much less than the $200-ish price tag, and they’re one of three pairs I own.

Kelly loves to shop at places like Buffalo Exchange in Denver and Crossroads in Los Angeles. I used to just find a bench, sit down, and read about the Celtics, only looking up when she came out of the fitting room so I could provide positive feedback. But recently I’ve made three important discoveries:

1) There are men’s clothes at these stores, too.
2) They let you try on clothes whether you buy them or not.
3) You can get $200 jeans for $30.

Using this new information, I was able to find three pairs of expensive jeans that fit perfectly and cost $30. I will hopefully never have to buy jeans again as long as I live. They are soft and look great and I actually occasionally get compliments on them, something that usually only happens to Kelly.

And the best part is that I payed $170 less than retail for each, for a total savings of $510. That’s a lot of bacon!